Peach Banana Smoothie | quick & easy

Peach Banana Smoothie | quick & easy
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Summer, sun, smoothie time! Instead of heavy meals, I love to drink smoothies during summer – especially this peach banana smoothie – and of course as the temperatures are high – lots of watermelon. Shakes with banana are especially rich and fill you up without needing much else. Basically, you can make delicious smoothies from almost any fruits or vegetables – but I have to say that I really like this combination of peach and banana. We simply have to go with peach season and savor it.

peach banana smoothie

Why you should try this smoothie

This peach banana smoothie is…

  • quickly made
  • very delicious
  • vegan
  • from few ingredients
  • easy to make
  • a pleasure

Ingredients for the smoothie

  • cool oat milk: The cooler the oat milk, the more refreshing the smoothie. Of course, you can also use any other plant milk you like.
  • peaches: The softer the peaches, the sweeter the smoothie will be without you having to sweeten it. Peaches that have been waiting for you to eat them for a while are particularly suitable for a smoothie.
  • banana: The same principle applies to bananas – the riper, the sweeter.


  • vanilla: Feel free to add some vanilla to your smoothie.
  • maple syrup: If your shake is not sweet enough, you can add 1-2 teaspoons of maple syrup and taste again to see if it is sweet enough for you.
smoothie with peaches and banana

Tips & tricks for the perfect smoothies

  • Make sure the plant milk is well chilled. You can also chop the fruit in advance and put it in the fridge the night before for a refreshing smoothie.
  • For a smoothie bowl, you can also freeze the fruit beforehand. Simply peel and cut the banana and freeze it in an airtight tin. You can also remove the stone from the peach, cut it and freeze it.
  • Add raspberries, blueberries or other wild berries to your peach banana smoothie. This goes super well with this combo.
peach banana smoothie
fresh peaches

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peach banana smoothie

Have a great summer! Have you tried the smoothie? Then I’m very happy about your comment. You can also tag me on Instagram @veganwonda.

Peach Banana Smoothie | quick & easy

Peach and banana make a brilliant summer smoothie. This smoothie is rich, delicious and healthy.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Shake, Smoothies
Cuisine German
Servings 2 glasses


  • 250 ml chilled oat mild or other plant milk
  • 2 ripe (soft) peaches
  • 1 banana


  • vanilla
  • maple syrup


  • Put the oat milk in a stand mixer. Peel the banana and tear into bite-sized pieces. Halve, pit and chop the peaches.
  • Blend everything in the blender for 2-3 minutes to make a smoothie.


  • Refine the smoothie with frozen berries on particularly warm days.
  • Pour the smoothie into two glasses and enjoy!


  • The softer the peaches, the sweeter they are and the sweeter the smoothie will be
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